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Monday, December 14, 2009

how lucky i am ;"(

hey readers, gud evening .
sory i late to write my story for today ,
i started my blog today on 05:29 pm,
what the hell , its too late ! i dun care what you wanna say ,
but its me, and i always be me , backstabbers ? i dun care about them too , but i no they care about me, coz every time they say about me, im the most POPULAR on that tyme, thakns my backstabbers ! today after wake up on 1003 am, i feel dizzy , mybe i woke too late huh , hurm , but for me its too early, coz i will wake up on 12-----> 2 pm always , whatever thats me , n enough now , FULLSTOP .
then, i talk to my father that todat iwant to buy a new HP wif my mum , i dont finish my word yet , my father stopping me by his " no need to buy a new hp , ur hp is still new " ugh ! frustated , but as usually im the one who always lose between my siblings, huh , what ? am i adopted ? sometimes i feel it , huuh , evryone is ignoring me in my family , why ? but i dont want to think it anymore, coz i know they love me , but why they doing me like this, i still can face all of this ,
GOD , plez help me, make me more strong .
im feeling lucky coz i still have friends, n ilove all of them , they always make me happy make me laugh ,
sometimes, i felt more happy with my friends than my family ,
if we have a family party , or something like that ,
they always forgeting me && ignoring me , but why .
sory mybe i write too sux ,
but i hope u understand this ,
huhuuu ,
my life is change ,
each member of my family have done a mistake ,
but they take it as the TEST , as the FATE ,
but when the time move to me , they took it serius, too serius .
huh .
how lucky i am ,