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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

suara hati saya.

heyy creatures  

Tak tau lah kenapa hari ni emo gila ahh :) 

entah lah kenapa , kenapa dan kenapa ? Aku tak tau aku dah buat another one big mistake in my life . Yeah , people do mistakes , but im too often choose the wrong ways for my sweet life. This year is my sweet sixteen , but i wonder it will be the worst year for me -.- I hurt him , I hurt you , I hurt everyone so muchh. Im just really sorry guys. I dont know why , i keep on choocing the wrong ways. Ya Allah , please help me . Im not strong enough to face this ;'/ Hari ni , aku rasa besalah sgt with someone , I'd mad with him , without thinking I'd called him and terus ambush dengan my ego. He speechless i think , silence -.- But that time , aku langsung tak fikir apa dia rasa , sbb aku dah rasa aku betul . Then i off my phone , he sent me a message . He told me he've his own problem , and still I'm still with my WORST EGO >< But after he told me something just now , my tears start to fall . Im sorry . Now , I know i've made a WRONG DECISION , again .