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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Im a Super-Heroin !

Assalamualaikum and hello semua :D

Eh , baju superman is cool ;) HAHAHAHA.

as we know. Superman kan superhero. so do i , i want to be a superheroin too. so wondering whats my name should be. Superwoman ? Catwoman ? Spiderwoman ? Ohhh , not cool ;/ why is that so ? 
Cause im cool and awesom like this. to be myself, SUPER DUPER EIKA. 

i still can cry , i need love , i need someone to takecare of me. 
 What im pretty sure is , i dont need a MAN , GUY , BOY to takecare of me . 

And all i do now is , chasing my dreams to come true. Not to think all about love that ruin my High school life. Life is just begin , There's still have a long journey to survive. 

Please , i love someone who loves me , but im double triple hate someone who hates me without a reason. Dont judge me by my past. Its totally not cool. 

Im one of the girl who always cries herself to sleep at night. Forcing herself to believe that her tough life will be over soon. Finding another reason to smile for the next day. Thinking how hard is it to be strong but still trying to find even the littlest strength in her to face it :) 

Dont mess up with me. Or i will kill you. hahahaha. KIDDING. 

p/s ; Oh , sweetheart , ONE MORE THING. if you dont like me . Stop stalking me. The more you stalk , the more you hurt. HAHA. 

XOXO. Eika.