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Friday, December 4, 2009

hari ne hari yg borink -_-'

seperti biasa Assalamualaikum ;)
haha .
fuiiyyo ! awalnya aku bgun arie neyh .
jam 6 da bgun .
watch out for my handphone ?
hurm, good ! there is no MESSAGE there is no MISSED CALL.
btw, i miss my father at KK. ;) hehe .
urm, after dat dreaming for something on my RATATOUILLE bed !

haha. then . nda sedar2. sleep back !!
" kak ika ! "
i heard my lil sis shouted my name .
aaargh ! why ? i asked her . then she answered me " wake up plez ! dont u feel dizzy ? huh ? this tyme is oredy 11 am. "

"uh! ouh yea ? shut up! i noe it laa ! out from my room nooooooow!!!
haha ;) me act like the cinderella stepsister huh ?
then i wake up .&& kemas2 my ROOM.
hee ;) rajin bha ne !
then get bath && get redy to breakfast at TOWN .
what ? brekfast on 12 ??! haha ;) so what the hell huh ? i dun ask u to get brekfast like me rite. so shut up urs mouth. wkakakakaXD !
first go to UJANA KEWANGAN to eat nasi ayam wif my mum, lil sis && my aunty ;)
me n my lil sis eat the kon loh mee

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while my mum && my aunty eating the nasi ayam ;)
ater dat,
my aunt drove to the PASAR IKAN to accompany my mum to buy some crabs !
uhh! i love it
but luckily im ALLERGY to all seaFOOD.
how lucky am i .
haha. ;DD
ignore dat .
then we came back to UJANA KEWANGAN coz my aunty call from home she said "ejah plez buy me the eggtart! plez ! hehe" .
umph, nvermind laa., arrived there. the eggtart oredy finished.
then call my aunt again my aunty (ejah) said " weyh, the eggtart oredy finished, so how ? "
my aunt said " nvermind laa., let me buy myself tomorrow. ok bye"
ok aunty! hehe ;D
then kamii BALIK RUMAH aound 2 pm .