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Friday, December 4, 2009

tension sioooot !

assalamualaikum ;)
hehe, whatever it is frust, hepy , tansion or anything else we must started wif ASSALAMUALAIKUM .
haha . pa kn aku merepek2 neyh .,
ne sbb keTENSIONan yg teramt sgat laa ne. ;DD
waa! i dun noe what's going on now wif my life ?
teruk ? x juga . hepy. x juga.
whatever laa. the important is i LOVE my life.
even my life is like a PUZZLE sometimes ;DD

waa! u noe what, im rely2 tired to think about GUYS !

u noe why ?
haha ;) think it .
anyway , why aa my hurt is always hurt by them .

act . idc pun. but., i think it' s oredy KETERLALUAN.
but my mum always say .
" ignore dat my hunnie , u can found someone dat can make ur life PERFECT one day "
hah ;) yeah , i agree wif my mum !
but WHEN ?
oh no ! dun think bout dat now eika.
u are still young to think about the MOST FCUK thing in this world.
prjlnan ko maC jauh bha ~
wkakaka .
cam apa jak aku rsa.
bah keyh laa.
i have sumthing to do wif all my BELOVED cuzen .
hehe ;)
what ?
cant tell u . haha .

byeeeee .