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Monday, October 25, 2010

im not a SUPERHUMAN (:

heyy D ! the clock on the wall shows 3 pm ody , 

maybe this is our last topic befre i left u home . GOODBYE (; i will miss u . 

my love story <3 

Hummph ~ nothing here , 
my life is borink  , borink than yours , borink than others . 
everyday , i will do the same thing , same way .
i miss them " all my friends at schl " 
and i miss hym , i want u to know , im happy wif you (; 
this tyme , i will never tell u who are you . because im only gonna break your heart , 
let it be my secret wif my DIARY here (; 
im happy you always have a time to spent wif me , im happy u always be a good listener for me . since u go , seriusly i miss you , i hope u will happy there , 
im glad to have fren like you . i hope u happy wif our friendship now . 
ok lha , dah abis dah crta , (; like i said , nothing special in my life . 
so its nothing to story . 

the end of PRINCESS DIARY . 25 OCT 2010 .