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Sunday, April 10, 2011

my heart is taken by THEM ;)

Aishiteru ! :) 
even tak jumpa salu , tapi hati ttap dekat ^^

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tempat luahkan perasaan yang paling berkesan :) 

i love all of them :) 

never forget them :) ever . 

she make me happy all the time :)

Hello world :) all person above is my heartbeat . i love them  so much ~ they make me happy all the time , they saw me laugh , they saw me crying  they saw me make a trouble , they saw me when i have a trouble , all the time , they're always beside me , 4 years is enough for me to know them well , i'll always pray for our everlasting friendship , seriously im not ready yet to lose one of them =,= im happy when they are happy ^^ we are all in this together  . we faced everything together , and now , we are all form 4 . they make me strong , they teached me what life is . last thing what i want to say is , I love you all , whereever you are .

I love Smiths ! :)