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Thursday, July 28, 2011

after a long time :)

hello bloggers :D
im back ! whoaa ;O after lama dah tak update blog ni , akhirnya bukak jugak .
huhu ==' sory sbb mghilang , i cant open my blog bha arie tuu , now dpat sudah , so weird=='
whatever lah just frget it , nonsense :D ohh yea , hiws your life so far ? i hope its good :)
mine ? only good , just good , better than before as usually , now im currently at home , nothing to do now , just waiting for him to msg me , and online , just that . when im at home , i miss my shcool , when im at school i miss my home , that is what that iften happen to me :D haha . LOL . but as you know , i dont miss the school to study or what , i just missing all my friends :D hmm , what else to story huh ? btw , exam is just around the corner , and i really really hate it , go die laa exam , whoaa ;O but , im just an ordinary girl , i have to take an exam , im not as clever as everyoen, but i know i can do :) dah lama , tak balik rumah , i miss my bed , i miss all my stuffy at home >< all of them are awesome , hp , lappy , a lot of food >< ! and i can do anything here :D they make me happy . hmm , realtionship ? haha XD nothing change , more love , haha :P LOL , just kidding , just fine , let Allah decide , okay lah , maybe only here . later i'll continue typoooo :D byebye <3