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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ahlan Wa sahlan ya Ramadhan :D

assalamualaikum :D

yeaaay ~ ramadhan dtg lagii . but sory yea , agak lmbt laa pulak post kalii ni , mlas la nak buka blog , now dah hari ke-13 puasa :D weee , its near to raya AIDILFITRI . cant wait foe it , but actually , cant wait for holiday . haha XD this year , my ramadhan berlalu like usually , full with happiness :) just it . nothing special . this year  my fasting start at my veryyyy beloved school , haha  dammit ! sm excel . umphh . actually , not veryyy loving it . but , apa bleh buat , im still a student okayy :D next year , will be my very very important year , where i've my very very very big exam that is SPM . yeahh , i know my study still "tunggang-langgang" hell yeahh . but im in progress lah ni nak berusaha . huu , bleh tak jangan kasi tension ? borink lah kena marah >< egh ! hmm , and its good when everyone can stop their mouth to talk about SPM . em , i dont think that i can continue my post now , i have to go :D heee , sorrrrrry ! got something important . >< 

toodles <3