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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


heyyloo earthlink :D 
hurm , as ppl said , life is like a wheel , sometimes we are at the top , 
sometimes we are at the bottom , but what i have learned from this 16 years life , happy will not come as easy as we think :) happy is a GIFT . btw , im not regret when im sad , because sometimes , when im sad , im thinking about my life , how to change it to be better than before . Hmm , you know what , its hard to pretend to be friends with someone special when every time you look at the person , all you see is everything u want to have :) hmm  dont u think its crazyy >< yes , exactly ! but as someone strong i have to face it :D something will be easy when u set it'll be easy . hmm , human , being broken-hearted is like having a broken ribs . everything looks okayy outside but every breath hurts :D is it ? its true right ? there is nothing else i can say about whta i feel now , what ifeel yesterday , what i want to think  now is only about my future (: i already forget about my past , its SHIT . and now , im happy , totally happy with all things that i have , everyone that i have , even i know , there is still somebody who's hating me , but idc , and i'll never care , coz , they didnt bring any goods to me. love ? haha Xd love is blind , it will never change :) but i do trust in love , but im not trust love at the first sight :D hee . just wait and see lah , we still got a long journeyy of life , our marriage partner maybe will be someone better than who we have now , so , stop thinking about who's with you now , just keep on praying that u will get a good marriage partner , it will be okayy :D