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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy holidayyyy :D


dua hari dah cuti , including today , it was the third day ! :D yaay . 
i love holiday . dont you ? HAHAHA . everybody loves HOLIDAY as much as i am. 
but ,  this time my holiday a little bit BORED . i think -.- staying at home. doing nothing. PHEW ! it enough to sucks my holiday , but i dont care lah . lets make it AWESOME :D 

That picture time dekat luar rumah . after i got back from town , hangout with le beloved friends :) 
my mum ask me to help her ,and dad dekat luar rumah . TANAM BUNGA :D hahaha . LOL  . 
and nowwwwwww, yeah . Sakit belakang angkat pasu bunga yang sangat lah besar dan berat . 
takpa , berkorban :P em , i think itu ja untuk activity kemarin . got nothing special :)
and at night , i pegi keduri kahwin . ehhhh . i dont like it , em , or maybe i hate kenduri kahwin somuchhhh -.- 
terpaksa ikut cause mum said , " if you dont go , you better married at jungle soon , sebab takda orang mau pegi my kenduri kahwin =.= ' eeee , mama , UGUTAN . haha . nevermind , k i go mum i go.