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Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Things.

Assalamualaikum and Hai guys :)


Its 14th January -.- Shizzzzz. I really want you to know. this boredom kilss me . Everyday. Im sorry for being rude maybe sepanjang this holidaaaaay . 

Okay today topic is all about me. My life , my whole entire life. 

First goes to my family , they're just doin good. Doing their own activities -.- While i terpaksa menganggur and keep asking them to sent me there , there and there. Since i dont have a license yet -.- Damnit. Enough before i curse too much. Eh. Hahaha.

Next goes to my friends. They maybe doing good too :( i dont know. everyone seems too busy , working , not studying i guess. i rarely contact with them. 

What else ? Ohhhh , boyfriend. YES ! this is the hot topic for me maybe -.- wekk. since everyone start talking craps about me and spreading rumours everywhere. So , im here to tell you the truth. I AM RASHIKA . do not have a boyfriend since i broke up with my Ex last year during my SPM examination. Fullstop. Dont start with asking me who's my Ex boyfriend okay. Shut up and continue reading.

Okay , let me tell you. Yes maybe before this i banyak dah couple kan and never be serious. But its not your right to judge me ! Okay. Please. i dont even care about that. Hey people , dont judge me by my past. I dont want to say that im totally change . but im tryin' to be good than before. and some of you are my friends , even my bestfriends, so stop backstab me okay ? You should help me to change not to underestimate me. 

And one more thing that i want you to be clear is, i dont love anyone except him. The one i've been waiting since i was form 3. Maybe sepanjang tunggu dia i'd been couple with others. I dont want to expain more. I just want you all to be clear with this. Stop pairing me with others. Stop spreading rumours about me. 

And yes , once you're my bestfriend , you're still my bestfriend , forever and always. I've got nothing to forgive but i want you to forgive me , cause i know i hurt you too much. I didnt mean it. But yeah , people do mistakes. So do i. 

Dont let this little things end our friendship.

Xoxo, Eika.